Development of innovative technologies for providing high light fastness to cotton knitted fabrics for military and civilian purposes

R&D registration number in UkrISTEI: 0119U100156

What priority area of science and technology does it correspond to: new substances and materials

Research: applied

Funding source: state budget; general fund of the state budget

The amount of financing: more than 1000 thousand UAH. (1310 thousand UAH)

Year of study start: 2019

The total duration of the study (according to the plan): 3 years

Prospect for further implementation in 2022–2023: to be continued as a scientific and technical development

Research level: no analogues in Ukraine

Availability of a patent: 3 patents of Ukraine.

Brief description, advantages, further prospects for application.

As a result of the study of the individual and combined effects of light, washing and sweat on the wear resistance of knitted fabrics made from natural fibers, it was found that under operating conditions, the effect of light is decisive in the process of wear of cotton knitted clothing. On the basis of theoretical studies of the regularities of the processes of loss of color, shape and strength of cotton knitwear for summer clothes, it was determined that the final processing using a polymer composition based on a film-forming polymer and light stabilizers is an effective and environmentally friendly way to increase the light, shape stability and strength of cotton. Based on comprehensive studies of the physicochemical properties of knitwear and dyes and the operating conditions of products, technologies have been developed to increase the wear resistance of knitted fabrics made from natural fibers, which ensure the preservation of color, shape and strength. The technology of finishing cotton knitted fabrics by combining the technologies of preparation and use of light stabilizers in the final processing of the polymer composition contributes to an increase in light, shape stability and strength of cotton knitwear.

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