Therapeutic and prophylactic food for snails

Cooperation. Receiving investments; creation of joint ventures on the territory of Ukraine.

Sphere of implementation. Agriculture, agribusiness.

Application area. Research and experimental development in the field of natural and technical sciences. Freshwater fish farming (aquaculture). Manufacture of prepared animal feed.

Description. It is planned to develop and implement a recipe for therapeutic and prophylactic food for snails, which would be highly effective and contribute to the prevention of the development of parasitic diseases and (or) the complete release of molluscs from helminths in a short time, which in turn will be positively noted on growth, resistance to diseases and shellfish survival. During the implementation of the project, it is planned to manufacture the first batch of therapeutic and prophylactic feed, which will be sold by enterprises engaged in the cultivation of snails. The implementation of the project involves a wide range of activities: scientific and environmental activities; publications; trainings; seminars; development of own recipe and production of therapeutic and prophylactic feed; development and implementation of practical recommendations; introduction into production (into the practice of enterprises); protection of intellectual property (obtaining patents, titles of protection). The implementation of the project can be an important step in solving the problems of snail farms throughout Ukraine and contribute to their successful economic development.

Markets targeted by the project. NGO “Ukrainian Association of Snail Producers”, which is a platform for the exchange of experience and helps in the creation, support of family and high-tech snail farms. The association covers all regions of Ukraine. Representatives of Zaporozhye, Dnipro, Ternopil, Uzhgorod, Lviv are already interested in the development of such therapeutic and prophylactic feed, as they have repeatedly encountered the problem of snail disease.

A problem to be solved. In Ukraine, about 10 large companies and several dozen small farmers are engaged in the cultivation of grape snails. For Ukrainian entrepreneurs, this is a new business – most of them grow snails only in the last three or four years and export up to 90% of their products. Five companies are engaged in export. The main consumers of Ukrainian grape snails are residents of the EU. The logistics of domestic export is unusual: first, live mollusks are transported to Lithuania, Romania and Poland, where they are processed into a semi-finished product, frozen and delivered to other markets – to Italy, Spain, Germany and France. They buy live chilled snails and Ukrainian restaurants. Unfortunately, when growing snails, farmers face a number of problems, one of the priority is a parasitic disease. Rapid and progressive infection of molluscs leads to their mass death. The situation can be corrected by creating a special therapeutic and prophylactic feed that could be applied to all age groups of the snail.

Technical result. As a result, a unique formulation of therapeutic feed will be developed and the first batch of products will be created, which will reduce the percentage of commercial snail death, since it will have therapeutic, immunostimulating and growth-stimulating effects.

Advantages. So far, there are no medicinal feeds for snails in Ukraine. The implementation of the project will create a promising business for the production of therapeutic and prophylactic feed for snails. This direction is part of a large direction of development of the agricultural sector, developing in Ukraine and abroad. Successful implementation of the project will create new jobs.

Research stage. Idea and concept developed. The project is at the stage of formulating medicated feed and requires investment. An experimental product sample was obtained and an experiment on its effectiveness was carried out.

Approximate cost. UAH 500 thousand.

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