Information technology for personalized correction of scoliotic posture disorders

Purpose. For the correction (treatment) of disorders of the vertical orientation of the spine – scoliotic posture and initial forms of scoliosis.

Specifications. Characteristics of the electronic two-channel device for software myostimulation “MyoBalanceStimul”: – perception and amplification of EMG signals of human muscles by two channels in real time in the recording range from 20 Hz to 1000 Hz; – light and sound control of the level of current EMG; – normalization of the level of amplified analog EMG signals and transmission to the linear inputs of the sound card of a personal computer; – supplying an analog EMG signal from two channels to the USB port of a personal computer via an external USB audio adapter; – smooth adjustment of the initial stimulation effect separately in each channel from 0 to 60 mA; – switching the recording electrodes in both channels to remove the effects of stimulation on them.

Application area. Medicine, education. Clinical, sanitary resort institutions, rehabilitation centers, medical educational institutions.

Advantages. In comparison with well-known technical world analogues that use software electrical stimulation using one of the methods: artificially synthesized programs or biofeedback based on an electromyogram signal, or vibration, to correct the vertical orientation of the spine, the developed software myostimulator “MyoBalance” simultaneously uses two correction methods: software electrical stimulation using artificially synthesized programs and biofeedback based on the electromyogram signal to restore the symmetry of back muscle activity.

Technical and economic effect. Diagnosis, prevention, restorative treatment of postural defects due to diseases of the musculoskeletal system, for example, due to prolonged adherence to a sedentary working posture. Improving the quality of life of such adults and children by preventing the development of complications of scoliosis, reducing fatigue, and improving the psycho-emotional state in general.

Description. Information technology for personalized correction of scoliotic posture disorders is implemented by the “MYOBALANCE-STIMUL” computer complex, which consists of two-channel software myostimulators “MyoBalanceStimul” and a personal computer. The complex implements the use of two correction methods (visual and auditory electromyographic feedback and program myostimulation), which promotes personalization, efficiency, durability of correction, strengthening the “muscle corset,” preventing the development of complications and reducing fatigue.

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