Nanomaterials and clarification technologies for natural wines and juices

Research area – food industry.

Purpose – for effective clarification and stabilization of proteins in the wort, wine and fruit juices.

The scope of use: is the food industry. It can be used in food factories, various enterprises.

Description. Modified bentonite quickly clarifies the wort to obtain a compact sludge. The preparation of bentonite for wort processing is simplified compared to similar materials. The material has a very high degree of illumination and adsorption, has good suspension properties, a relatively small volume of turbidity, and a low iron content. Intensively and quickly adsorbs protein substances and turbidity, thereby quickly brightening the product. Readily precipitates, partially precipitating yeast.

Advantages. The wort settles down in 2-3 hours, which is 10 times faster than in known analogues. The material allows you to reduce the content of hardness salts and thereby more fully reveal the taste of the drink.

Novelty. 1 patent of Ukraine.

Readiness. Ready for implementation.

Cooperation. Sale of licenses. Joint industrialization.

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